Title Search

With each file opened, Family Title & Escrow, Inc. will perform a title search based on a start date provided by a specific title insurance company or in the absence of, going back in time two owners. The search runs forward in time to include up to date land records from the requisite city or town hall. The search picks up all recorded information that affects the property or it’s ability to be used as collateral.

  • Personalized confirmation receipt will be faxed on every request
  • 4 day turnaround time guaranteed

Preliminary Title Report

Family Title & Escrow, Inc. will furnish you with a complete Preliminary Title Report which consists of all necessary property information including legal description, confirmation of ownership, conveyance (deeds), details of restrictions and easements, PLUS copies of all open mortgages, liens, judgments, original and quit claim deeds. In addition, a current status of property taxes will be furnished.

Preliminary Title Report Includes:

  • Record of open mortgages/ deeds of trust PLUS copies
  • Record of open judgments/ tax liens PLUS copies
  • Legal Description of the property
  • Status of Real Estate Taxes
  • Copies of plat maps (State of Rhode Island only)

Title Clearance

Once the preliminary title report is delivered, Family Title & Escrow, Inc. has a dedicated Clearance Team who will address and clear any and all outstanding title issues that will affect your customer’s desired lien position.

Services include:

  • Tracking down proof of payments on all previously closed mortgages
  • Secure copies of all discharges not currently on record
  • Obtaining Municipal Lien Certificates and re-verifying property tax information
  • Ordering Mortgage Payoff statements
  • Ordering payoffs for judgments and/ or liens
  • Preparing new conveyance documents

Title Policy Issuance

As a registered Agent for Chicago Title Insurance Corporation, Stewart Title Guarantee and Fidelity National Title CO., Family Title & Escrow, Inc. can generate both Insured Closing Letters (“ICL”) and Title Commitments, in house.

  • Title Insurance Policies
  • Owner Insurance Policies
  • Aggressive Reissue Rates

Closing Services

Once your consumer loan is approved, simply contact your Family Title & Escrow, Inc. representative and we will handle all the details. From assigning the state specific Closing Agent to contacting the customer with a convenient closing date and time, Family Title & Escrow, Inc. will handle all of your closing needs.

  • Courteous service
  • In Home closings
  • After hours closings
  • Saturday closings
  • Rapid turnaround
  • No cancellation fees

Closing Preparation Services

Once the closing date is set, Family Title & Escrow, Inc. will handle all document preparation including HUD-1 Settlement statements. The HUD is then forwarded to both our client (“Broker”) and to the Lender, via fax or email, for approval prior to closing.

In addition, your representative at Family Title & Escrow, Inc. will order and confirm all necessary mortgage payoffs.

We will manage all Lender generated documents in an effort create a complete closing package with any additional broker/ closing agents specific documents and documents needed to secure consumers desired lien position.

  • HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Declaration of Homesteads
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Homestead Subordinations
  • Indemnification Agreements

COMMUNICATION IS KEY!….We will also inform the borrower what will be needed at time of signing – from proper identification to additional funds (if applicable).

Post Closing

Upon execution of mortgage documents, Family Title & Escrow, Inc. will expeditiously handle all transfer of paperwork.

  • Original Documents to lender delivered next business day
  • Copy of Closing package delivered to consumer at closing
  • Copy of Closing package to Client/ Broker within 24 hours

Our goal is to deliver and error free package in the quickest possible amount of time!